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What Do Different Plants Tell Us About Our Soils and How to Improve Them?

By   /  May 1, 2017  /  4 Comments

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Greg Brann, Natural Resources Conservation Service Grazing Specialist in Tennessee, recently sent so
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About the author

Greg has a BS degree in Plant and Soil Science from the University of TN, Knoxville with special emphasis on animal science and landscape design. He worked as the State Grazing Land Soil Health Specialist for 23 of his 40-year tenure with NRCS. With more than 40 years of land and pasture management, Greg has had the privilege of watching his plans transform land under the great care of land managers. More than 200,000 acres have been transformed by his attentive planning. Greg is a featured speaker at many conferences and grazing schools around the country. His private consulting practice, Synergistic Grazing Management, provides land management planning to farmers, ranchers, land preservation organizations, and public land managers. He has developed land management plans as varied as the 100,000 acres at Fort Campbell Military Base to diversified farms of 25 acres. Looking past symptoms to discover and resolve root issues, his plans provide practical ideas to help you reach your goals. Greg hosts an annual “Pasture Walk” that brings together farmers, researchers, and ag and environmental specialists to maintain a space for difficult discussions and friendly conversations around synergistic land management. His deep understanding of plant communities as indicators of land productivity has made him a stead resource for land owners and managers passionate to understand nature’s ability to regenerate land.


  1. katelyn says:

    Hi. I build my own compost piles. Compost is an important resource and can drastically change the results of a garden. It is best to add compost to soil a week before plant. Thanks so much for your article. That’s what i need.

  2. James Rains says:

    What does western ragweed indicate?

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