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What Do Different Plants Tell Us About Our Soils and How to Improve Them?

By   /  May 1, 2017  /  Forage, Pasture Health, Soil, Weeds  /  4 Comments

Greg Brann, Natural Resources Conservation Service Grazing Specialist in Tennessee, recently sent some information out to his local farmers about “indicator plants” along with some tips for how to use that information to improve soil health and pasture quality.  It’s good information for everyone to consider. What Are Indicator Plants? Indicator Plants are plants that, […]

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UH-OH! I’m running out of grass! What should I do?

By   /  June 30, 2014  /  Grazing Management  /  2 Comments

First off, let’s not panic.  You have options for stretching your forage supply.  One or a combination of the options below could improve forage utilization and our production.  While these suggestions are best for folks in my neck of the woods (Tennessee) by contacting your local NRCS or Conservation District, or your extension agent, you’ll be able […]

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