I Know. It Happened to Me Too. And I’m Still Here

Julie and I have been watching some online training together for several months. Around Thanksgiving we bought and watched Art Jonak’s Mastermind event. There were a couple of speakers at that event

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4 thoughts on “I Know. It Happened to Me Too. And I’m Still Here

  1. This is great, thank you for writing it. It’s hard to remember that we’re all just trying to figure everything out the best we can 🙂

  2. Reminds me of my little farm – circumstances made it impossible for me to work outside of the home and I decided I would offset our food budget by growing our own. Armed with a husband whose family had raised some cows, some gardening experience of my own, a hyperactive seven-year-old and the Readers’ Digest Back to Basics book, we set out to farm.

    Like you, we made our mistakes and had our losses – but being flexible and determined and just plain bullheaded, we prevailed. I’ll never forget the first time I tried to milk a goat and finally wailed to my son “I will NEVER be able to do this!” Two years later we would race to milk out our 20 does, sometimes mock-quavering, “I will NEVER be able to do this!”

    Of course, I still don’t relish the memory of my son letting his ginormous pet turkey walk up behind me while I was bent over and laughing hilariously after the thing pecked me on the butt so hard I thought I’d been shot! Actually – I do. It was pretty funny, actually – and gave a good opportunity to make a certain young man understand that no matter how funny it might look, letting someone be hurt isn’t kind.

    Still, I wish I had a video of it. It would go viral.

    Thanks for the memories, mine and your own!

  3. Absolutely great, Chris. The memories are grand, even if at the time, the past was not, at all…

  4. Running pig? I know, it happened to me. I still had a career as an animal scientist. I worked two summers on swine reproduction at a research station run by Agriculture Canada. On the first day of the second summer I was assigned to take three sows to slaughter in the the back of a pickup truck that had a new plywood box. As I was driving through the crop research plots, the sows broke out of the box and ran into the plots. Knowing next to nothing about herding, I chased and defended myself against those sows and somehow got them back to the barn, where help arrived and the pigs were re-loaded into a stronger truck box the next day.

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