Avoiding “Death by PowerPoint” in 2018

It's the new year, a time of reflecting on the past, thinking about the future, and, sigh, word slides --- sooo many word slides. I see your heavy eyelids, blank looks, frequent trips to the bathroom and intensive texting with others. Yes ladies and gentleman, it’s officially conference season with countless presenters cramming as much text and bullet points on the screen as possible while happily reading it back to an unimpressed audience. Uggh! Stand-up comedian Don McMillan calls this “death by PowerPoint." It’s what happens when the audience is emotionally disconnected from the content that is being presented and is left with nothing but a nap. The speaker relies too much on the technology to tell his or her story instead of using it as a visual aid to enhance a presentation. I’ve seen it as a crutch to put something together in a pinch, a substitute for not having to really speak, or because that’s what everybody does nowadays. Do we owe our audiences something better? "Yes!" emphasized, Executive Speaker and Presentation Skills Coach, Fia Fasbinder. “Humans are visual creat

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