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Listen to This – A Conversation With Greg Judy and Adam Saunders

By   /  April 23, 2018  /  Comments Off on Listen to This – A Conversation With Greg Judy and Adam Saunders

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“One of the questions people ask me is what’s the most important lessons I’ve learned in farming, and one is invest in livestock, not machinery. That’s a huge one!…Because how many tractors have you seen that had a baby calf?!”

That’s Greg Judy talking with Adam Saunders in the latest “Our Farms, Our Future” podcast. Greg is a Missouri rancher known for grazing management that focuses on soil health, and business management that focuses on using leased land to create a successful farming operation. Adam is part of the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, an organization focused on helping people understand their connection to food. In 2016, their staff and volunteers harvested 14,651 pounds of produce from the Urban Farm. is fed families who shop at food pantries, visitors to the Urban Farm, and shoppers at the Columbia Farmers Market.

In this 26-minute conversation, Greg describes how he moved from conventional grazing, where the bank helped him buy his land and equipment, to finding a niche outside of commodity agriculture that could work for him. He’s excited about the huge opportunities in agriculture, as is Adam, who describes how food and agriculture can bring people together as a community.

It’s such a good conversation, that you need to hear it for yourself. Here are three ways to do it. Click on the green arrow below and the podcast will play for you.

Download to Listen Later

You can also download the podcast to your smart phone so you can listen later while you’re driving down the road, or maybe while you’re milking or haying or doing other chores.

In case you haven’t tried this technology before, here’s how to get started. It’s easy! You can do it! (You might as well get yourself set up, because we’re finding a lot of good podcasts that we’re going to be sharing down the road. 🙂 It’s a fun way to get information!)

For Android Phones
If you’d like to listen to this on your Android phone, here’s a little video to show you how to get the podcast on your phone. When you want to find this podcast, search for “Our Farms, Our Future.” You want to listen to the episode “Everybody Eats.”

For iPhone Users
Lots of iPhones come pre-loaded with the podcast app. Just look for the little purple square shown here. If you don’t have it, here are instructions for uploading and then searching for the podcast you want. To find this one, look for “Our Farms, Our Future.” You want to listen to the episode “Everybody Eats.”

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