July 20, 2020

Greg Judy on Stockpiling to Extend Your Grazing Season

Last week we started a discussion about how to go about stockpiling in the coming months. This week we continue with some thoughts from Greg Judy. Greg is always innovating, and in this case he’s looking at stockpiling a bit differently. In Part 1, we talked about one of the hardest parts of stockpiling: it […]

May 18, 2020

Greg Judy’s Fencing Advice

It’s that time of year when fencing is top of mind. So here’s a May 2019 article to give you a few pointers. I’ve also added Greg’s responses to some questions readers had. Enjoy! In this 3:30 video, we visit the fence I built in 1999 that is still functioning as sheep pasture. It uses […]

April 6, 2020

Calving While Moving With the Mob

From our April 2017 edition, here are some great tips for keeping cows and calves together even with daily moves. When the spring flush of grass kicks off with pastures exploding in growth, it can be difficult to keep up with new growth. Then you add in calving in the mob with frequent spring moves […]

March 30, 2020

The Best Treatments for Pinkeye

Read this premium article for just $5. Purchase article Or sign up for an annual subscription to get access to all 2,500 articles in our library and the free ebook “Pinkeye and Fly Management Made Easier.” Just $41.25 when you use Discount Code PREMIUM25.  

March 16, 2020

Greg Judy’s Fail-Proof, Temporary Waterer

As grazing season approaches, we think of two things – fencing and water for the livestock. Stock-watering solutions for mob/rotational grazing require an extra degree of creativity, so we like to provide examples that you might be able to adapt to your own operation. So, here’s Greg Judy in a 7:40 video describing a temporary […]

March 2, 2020

Grazing Season Is Coming – Let’s Talk Fencing!

With turn-out time coming in the next couple months, it’s time to think about keeping your stock where you want them. From March of 2019, Greg Judy shares what he uses on his place. High-tensile electric fence is the most effective and economical fence that you can build on leased land and it’s what I […]

October 18, 2019

4th Annual Missouri Sheep & Goat Conference

Producers, would-be producers, and others meet once each year to attend the annual Missouri Sheep & Goat Conference.  This two-day event provides educational opportunities for those involved in the sheep and goat industry.  Topics vary from year to year but have included grazing management, soil health, rations, guardian animals, parasite management, genetics, value-added marketing, budgeting, […]

June 21, 2019

11th Annual South Poll Grass Cattle Field Day and Cattle Auction

Join us on June 21-22, 2019 at Mountain Glen Farm to learn about the South Poll Grass Cattle breed,  get inspired by world renown Joel Salatin and his farming aficionado son Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm, take a pasture walk with grazing guru Greg Judy, feast upon locally raised 100% grass-fed beef cooked to perfection […]

June 15, 2019

Greg Judy at Heifer Ranch

About: Join Heifer USA and special guest, Greg Judy, at Heifer Ranch for a very special workshop focused on regenerative livestock management techniques! Cost: $75 (one-day pass) $150-$200 (two-day pass) What’s Included: One-Day Pass (6/15): Session 1: Setting up a profitable grazing operation from scratch Ranch-Raised Lunch Session 2: Grass Finished Livestock Pasture Walk 1 Two-Day Pass (6/15 & 6/16): All […]

August 6, 2018

Greg Judy Talks Drought and Silvopasture

Greg Judy takes us on a 4:16 tour of one of his pastures on a typical hot summer day in central Missouri with a heat index of 105. It’s the second year in a row with a summer drought. While others are selling off their whole herd, Greg and Jan Judy are managing to keep […]

April 23, 2018

Listen to This – A Conversation With Greg Judy and Adam Saunders

“One of the questions people ask me is what’s the most important lessons I’ve learned in farming, and one is invest in livestock, not machinery. That’s a huge one!…Because how many tractors have you seen that had a baby calf?!” That’s Greg Judy talking with Adam Saunders in the latest “Our Farms, Our Future” podcast. […]

August 19, 2013

A Summer Visit to Greg and Jan Judy’s Green Pastures Farm

Greg Judy is known for innovative farming and for sharing how he used leased land and mob grazing to go from barely making it to being able to retire early from his in-town job and be a successful, full-time farmer. He sent us these videos of what’s happening in one of his Eastern Gramma grass pastures, why he and Jan choose South Poll Cattle, and then gives us a quick look at his pastured pigs.

April 9, 2013

Maximizing Spring Green Up Without Destroying Summer Pastures

One of the toughest grazing management periods for livestock producers is spring green-up. It offers all kinds of challenging variables. It is hard to imagine a more optimistic feeling when everything is turning green after a long dreary winter of brown. The buds of the trees are starting to form, flocks of robins grace our […]

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