Everything You Need to Include in a Farm/Ranch Lease Contract – Part 2

Over the last few months, my Boneheaded Beef Business Blunders articles have related how I’ve been burned by ineffective land lease and custom grazing contracts. As a result, I've changed what I include in contracts. Here in Part 2 I share the rest of the topics I am now including in my lease contracts along with suggested language for covering them. Check out Part 1 here. Animal Management What types of livestock will be on the land at what times of year? Make sure you get it in writing that you are allowed to have bulls, you may winter cattle on the land, etc. Include a statement that the landowner understands that reasonable animal impact will occur on the leased land. There could be mud, bare spots, manure, and animals vocalizing. Be sure that you, as the renter, have reasonable freedom to operate their agricultural enterprise without hindrance. Include a statement that you have full and sole control over all cattle and pasture management decisions. The landowner and other land users may not interfere with renter’s ability to carry out any cattle/pasture management task within renter’s rights under the contract. Be clear about how animals are managed. You may want to create an “appendix” document to the lease contract that explains in detail the management of your animals, and make sure the landowner is okay with everything you plan to do. Don’t assume they will just leave you to do your thing, especially if the landowner has no involvement in farm

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