Jumping In With Both Feet – How One Young Rancher Got Started in the 21st Century

Last month John described what successful ranching might look like in the future, and what steps young ranchers might consider. This article is another look at that subject, sharing the example of  a young entrepreneur finding success with a diverse, forward-thinking business model. My young friend Cody Wood is a nut; anyone can see that. His business has him running all over the map, stirring all sorts of pots. Cody’s story is a twisting, turning path with plenty of ups and downs, and winds up looking like a possible playbook for farmers and ranchers of the future. Maybe. Let's Start at the Beginning Cody grew up in a very rural area in western Oregon, a place with lots of grass and livestock and an extremely diverse farming community. And so, even though Cody’s family wasn’t involved in agriculture, it was natural for him to begin taking summer jobs on local farms. Eventually, he began working Saturdays at the local livestock auction yard, receiving, sorting and loading out all manner of livestock. It was almost inevitable that Cody would begin to accumulate a random assortment of oddball animals: a miniature Hereford bull, a few goats, single sheep, then a few little groups of sheep. And because he had no land on which to place those animals, he sought out friends and relatives with small un-used corners, orchards, or backyard pastures. Anywhere t

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4 thoughts on “Jumping In With Both Feet – How One Young Rancher Got Started in the 21st Century

  1. Cody exhausts me just by reading about all his activities.

    I have one question: when does Cody get a chance to walk his fields, feet on the ground?

    1. Having known and worked with Cody for a dozen years, I would say, he’s a big picture kind of guy rather than one who needs to know and control every little detail.

      1. This is a business model that I believe many young ranchers are using to start their careers in farming or ranching. Each individual may have tweaked or made adjustments accordingly based off their beginning environment. Some individuals are even in completely different stages of their business plan/model at this time, yet are still realizing similar realities within the ranching and farming business in todays complicated world. I’m glad someone is sharing Cody’s story, and believe there needs to be a larger focus these emerging young ranchers and farmers, its great to hear their story.

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