Sojourn in the Snow

As my wife and I took a leisurely drive to the winter farmer’s market in Cooperstown, N.Y. my mind was flush with nostalgia and wonder as the sun cascaded over the perfect winter day. As we traveled through hill n dale, a realization came to me that I hadn’t seen one sledder/slider enjoying the ideal conditions. No toboggans, no saucers, no neon plastic, nothing. Did the video game goblins capture all the kids and their families or is sledding just out of favor in this day and age? Do you want to feel young again and say goodbye to the devices and stress? Take a child sliding and enjoy the warmth of exercise and fond memories. If you’re like me, with grandchildren, it’s almost a rite of passage to lead the next generation up to the summit of our dormant, grassy farm hills and release them for the ride of their lives, unabated by boundaries. The snowy sojourn gives them confidence, independence and joyful screaming - traits you need in life. Their little legs, lungs and hearts get stronger as they trudge or crawl back to the top. It’s also good, albeit tiring, for the grandfather too who may be tasked to be the tow rope at times. This humbling exercise teaches “intestinal fortitude”, resiliency, teamwork and the art of adaptation. You see, sliding without a partner(s) is, well, not much fun. It’s this collabor

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2 thoughts on “Sojourn in the Snow

  1. If making snow angels and jumping off hay bales into a mound of loose hay are NOT significant parts of sustainable, regenerative, wholistic, organic farming, then it’s not for me.

  2. Oh, snap, reading this brought back soooo many memories and filled my eyes with tears yearning for the old days. What I love about OnPasture is how the words and photos play so well together and enhance the story. Thank you Miss Kathy.

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