Thinking Outside the Box Can Be Fun and Profitable

One of the easiest things to do on the farm is to get in a pattern of doing things the same way. This may go on for days or even years. We seem to get comfortable in a zone and no longer question how we do things during our daily routines around the farm. We get stuck in a rut of doing things the same way because that is the way they have always been done. I want to discuss some of the methods that I use to ensure that we are not in that group. Instead of being comfortable doing things the same way, learn to embrace new ideas and try them on your farm. You may hit a home run with one of them. Our internship program has been a real home run when it comes introducing new ideas and positive changes to Green Pastures Farm. When we get new interns on our farm, we believe it is our responsibility to foster an atmosphere that encourages their input and outside the box thinking. We must absolutely be humble enough to provide the daily environment that welcomes their ideas or questions about the way we are doing things. We never ridicule them for a silly question or idea, because we don’t want to limit our possibilities. That’s what led to a huge improvement. One particular intern named Jake questioned me about our paddock designs after he had been here for a while. His comment was, “Greg, why do you have all these smaller permanent pad

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One thought on “Thinking Outside the Box Can Be Fun and Profitable

  1. Another awesome idea! A reason, in addition to the ones you outline here, for me is that i’m tired of constantly repairing deer damage to the permanent wire fencing. I hesitate to pull out all the fences to be putting up temporary all the time, but if i put the time spent doing that vs repairing existing fence, i suspect it will be similar in time and effort. I plan to find a place to ease into this no permanent idea on a small scale. For now, i’m in an EQIP fencing scheme, so wouldn’t be prudent to remove them just yet. Cheers!

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