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Get the Fencing and Watering System That’s Right for You

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I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to understand grazier’s problems and then provides solutions that make sense. That’s why I’m really pleased to introduce American Grazinglands Services as our newest sponsor.

You may already be familiar with the educational arm of American Grazinglands, Jim Gerrish. Jim has spent decades helping farmers and ranchers be better graziers and he’s supported the On Pasture community as an author. But you may not be as familiar with the fencing and water side of the business. For the past 15-plus years, Dawn and Galen Gerrish have been helping farmers and ranchers implement their grazing plans by providing them quality equipment at reasonable prices.

Here’s who you’ll be talking to when you get Galen on the phone.

Yes, you can buy fencing equipment lots of places, but not all of them spend time talking with you to figure out what you’re trying to do and what that means you really need. When folks call Galen with an idea, he spends the time to introduce the latest technology that will actually help them get where they’re going. He’s also known for going the extra mile. For those folks without experience using fencing equipment or building gates and braces, he takes his phone out to the pasture to show them pictures. He texts, uses FaceTime, and even makes videos for customers so they have the information they need.

Getting water to the herd is critical, and the more often you move the animals, the more challenging that becomes. To help graziers over that hurdle, American Grazinglands Services specializes in compatible watering equipment. They’ll show you how to set up a system that can water 100 cattle from a 50 gallon tank. They’ll also make sure you have the right parts for your particular system and show you the ins and outs of hooking everything up.

Galen and American Grazinglands helped On Pasture author Dean Schneider successfully go solar. He also helped Montana farmers protect their corn crops from marauding Grizzly bears. With that kind of experience, I bet he can help you too!

I wish I’d had someone like Galen to help me when I was figuring out fencing for my goat project back in the 1990s. I knew nothing – not even that there was such a thing as a fence tester that I could have used, instead of my work colleague, to see if the fence was working! Now that he’s here, I hope you’ll all help me welcome Galen and American Grazinglands Services to the On Pasture community.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Sponsors make it possible for On Pasture to come to you each week. If you’d like to be sponsor too, please contact Peter Williams. He can help you choose a level of support that works for you and your organization. Without you, good things can’t happen!

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