Revitalizing Soil With Paper

This article comes to us from Sandra Avant and the Agricultural Research Service. While it's unlikely the average farmer is going to run out and do this tomorrow, it is an example of another way produ

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3 thoughts on “Revitalizing Soil With Paper

    1. Good question, Kirk. I added a link to the final report that describes how the paper was collected, pulverized and applied. They spread it and then disced it in. I also added a couple of pictures from that report showing vegetation regrowth. Thanks for helping me improve the piece.

  1. Good thermal mulch. High carbon content. Easily available thru recyclers and the Boy Scouts, church paper drives. Good bedding that costs a few pennies a pound. Free bedding if you can find a hard copy publisher of newspapers, magazines, or books. Excellent for the kids’ fish worm project. Loosens tight soil, stabilizes sandy soils. Helps drought-proof sandy soil. If close to a company that shreds documents, they deliver it, free of charge. The list goes on.

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