Setting up Drop Sites and Delivery to Get Through the Quarantine

I pulled this information together with Charlotte based on her website and conversations we had. I added additional notes to help you start building an email list, and find additional avenues for selling your products. We are in trying times, right now aren’t we? The Corona virus is affecting all of us, all over the world (not just our farm, or our town, or our country… all of us). During this time of quarantine, getting your products into the hands of the people who need them most can be a challenge. I want us all to get through this together. So, in my latest podcast I share the exact process I use to get products in the hands of people when markets close, like they’re doing all across the country right now. The podcast includes: • The logistics of getting deposits and payments • How I set up drop sites, including examples of places that might work for you, and how to make sure people show up and are on time. • Prepping for delivery, from packing orders to making paperwork efficient • My technique to make sure my costs are covered while still offering "free delivery" • Tech tools to make invoices, on-site payments, etc, even easier One of the most important th

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