There Are Many Ways to Solar Graze

Our last article offered a definition of solar grazing and a basic outline of what’s involved. Now we’ll cover a little more detail about different ways to get into solar grazing, including as an independent contractor, leasing out your flock to a solar site manager, or as an employee of a solar company. I’ll also share some numbers to give you a sense of the potential profitability of solar grazing. Independent Contractor My father and I own and operate Fortunate Ewe Farm in New York. We have been solar grazing for three years and we are independent contractors hired by a solar company. For all business matters we communicate directly with the Vice President of Operations. Each year we present them with a projected schedule, along with an estimated cost, and our contract. So far, we have had a great working relationship managing the vegetation, being a presence on the site, and a positive public relations opportunity for the company. Fortunate Ewe takes out an insurance policy that covers the added liability of grazing off our farm. During the grazing season we send photo updates, along with any concerns about the array to the solar site VP of Operations. In return the company lets us know when their staff or other contractors need access to the site, and we make sure we’re there to open gates or move s

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