Solar Sheep, LLC Shares Lessons Learned About Solar Grazing

Beginning with Part 3 in this series, we want to show you how different graziers approach the business of solar grazing so you can consider ways that it might work for you too. These businesses are also members of the American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA) and we'll share how they've benefited from participating in the organization. As members, they're sharing their experience and ideas to help others be successful in this emerging field. Solar Sheep LLC For Julie Bishop, it all started with an Australian Cattle Dog, Mandy, who wanted some sheep to work. Before long Julie was running out of room on her 6-acre home farm, so she went looking for more pasture and found a fenced-in solar array. When she saw that the array was being mowed she thought, “What a waste!” She approached the solar company and eventually got a contract to maintain the vegetation, and that’s how Solar Sheep LLC in Newfield, New Jersey was born. News about Julie and her sheep got around, and soon she was grazing multiple locations in New Jersey. She started with a flock of 50 sheep grazing 15 acres of solar, and now manages 85 acres of solar arrays full-time with 450 sheep. Design a Solar Array Fit for Grazing Julie’s accumulated experience and wisdom are in demand in other ways too. In addition to being paid for solar grazin

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