September 7, 2020

Managing Vegetation in Solar Arrays With Sheep

Last spring we shared a series of stories from the American Solar Grazing Association on the increase in solar developments, and how sheep grazing is becoming an important part of managing vegetation so solar panels work most effectively. The first in the series described the opportunities and potential income for sheep graziers. In Part 2, […]

June 1, 2020

Solar Sheep, LLC Shares Lessons Learned About Solar Grazing

Beginning with Part 3 in this series, we want to show you how different graziers approach the business of solar grazing so you can consider ways that it might work for you too. These businesses are also members of the American Solar Grazing Association (ASGA) and we’ll share how they’ve benefited from participating in the […]

May 25, 2020

There Are Many Ways to Solar Graze

Our last article offered a definition of solar grazing and a basic outline of what’s involved. Now we’ll cover a little more detail about different ways to get into solar grazing, including as an independent contractor, leasing out your flock to a solar site manager, or as an employee of a solar company. I’ll also […]

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