Managing Vegetation in Solar Arrays With Sheep

Last spring we shared a series of stories from the American Solar Grazing Association on the increase in solar developments, and how sheep grazing is becoming an important part of managing vegetation so solar panels work most effectively. The first in the series described the opportunities and potential income for sheep graziers. In Part 2, we met Ashley Bridge, an independent contractor who shared insights into pricing and flock leasing arrangement. In Part 3, we learned about Julie Bishop's operation and how she works with solar developers to design arrays that work well for sheep grazing and the ins and outs of grazing logistics. This week we're coming back to the series with a look at how a maintenance company expanded to include sheep grazing as one of its services. We hope this series gives you insights that could help you design your own grazing service. Carolina Solar Services (CSS) was originally started as an operations and management company providing electrical and vegetative management services to solar companies. Company founder Zack Hobbs thought sheep grazing would be a

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