Manuresheds – Moving Manure Back to Fields and Pastures

We've all heard the term "watersheds." We use it to describe a land area that channels rainfall and snowmelt to creeks, streams, and rivers. It helps us think about all the resources in one place and

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2 thoughts on “Manuresheds – Moving Manure Back to Fields and Pastures

  1. This is sheer brilliance. Now if we can correlate manure sheds with watersheds, we’ll be cycling with integrity and traceability.

  2. On a small scale, several dairy farmers (100-400 milking cows) sometimes “swap” fields with crop farmers which produce little fibre (potato growers). The dairy farmer grows grass for three years and improves the soil structure and the potato farmer benefits from the relatively rich dairy land without many fertilizer inputs. (I can think of drawbacks to this procedure, but . . . )

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