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Rancher Loren Poncia Talks Covid-19 and a Shift to Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Loren Poncia of Stemple Creek Ranch near Tomales Bay, California is a fourth generation rancher raising grass fed beef, lamb and pork. His goal is to “raise an awesome, wholesome, nutritious product, and, at the same time, do the dance with Mother Nature to build soil health and biodiversity.”

When Covid-19 hit, the ranch lost 99 percent of its restaurant business. In this 5:09 video he describes how they quickly pivoted to direct to consumer sales. He shares how they went from restaurant size portions to individual-size packaging and how they work through the processing challenges they faced. He also talks about the unrecognized costs of “cheap” meat, and how to talk to consumers about voting and eating with their dollars.

I hope he gives you some ideas as you work through similar challenges.

Do you have stories about changes you’ve made due in response to Covid-19 related challenges? Please let me know so I can help you share them with the On Pasture community. Together we can all come through this more successfully!

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