Cows Can Eat Multiflora Rose

If you're one of the folks who hate multiflora rose, you're not alone. It's been declared a noxious weed in almost all of the states where it's found. Yet, it has many fine qualities. It makes a good

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One thought on “Cows Can Eat Multiflora Rose

  1. Multiflora rose is abundant in my pastures and does not seem to be going away even after a few years of mowing and grazing. My sheep do eat it, neatly plucking the leaves from the thorny stems.
    Do you have more information on the nutritive value of multiflora rose in addition to its protein content? And more generally, any advice on estimating available dry matter, crude protein and TDN in wild pastures containing a large variety of weeds of different heights and growing habits, which may or may not be palatable to sheep? I want to use grazing to manage the weeds but I want to be sure the sheep have enough of the right kind of food too.

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