Want to Know How to Get the Most From Your Pastures? Ask a Dairy Grazier

When Oregon dairy farmer Jon Bansen decided Double J Jerseys was going all grass fed in 2017, he faced a challenge. Milk production requires a tremendous amount of energy, so pasture forages really need to pack a punch. He also needed resilience, and feed that would hold up through heat, cold and drought. Finally, milk prices are volatile and reducing inputs while maintaining high outputs was critical, so whatever forages he chose, they couldn't break the bank. Sound familiar? That's actually what every grazier is looking for in pastures. Here are ideas from Jon that we can adapt to our own pastures. Consider adding forages outside the norm Jon is an outspoken adversary of hardy forages like the tall fescue that is well-loved in beef production systems. He prefers perennial, palatable species like perennial ryegrass and orchardgrass because they allow for maximum intake for his dairy cows. In addition to highly palatable perennials, Jon incorporates in

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