When Your Livestock Graze Weeds You’ll Have 43% More Forage

I've been teaching cows to eat weeds since 2004. Over the years since I first developed the training method, I've trained over 1,000 cattle, some flocks of sheep and goats, and even some of Ted Turner's bison. The method is simple, takes just 8 hours spread over 10 days, and anyone can do it. Weed-eating livestock come with lots of benefits to the grazier too! If cows or other livestock eat weeds, you don’t have to spend money on herbicide or buy fuel for spray rigs or mowers. You don’t have to rent goats (sorry goat producers). And if you’re not interested in management intensive grazing, you don’t have to buy fencing equipment and set up any fences to get the cows to trample or eat the weeds. They just roam through pastures as they always do, adding weeds to their diets. Finally, weeds are VERY nutritious often the equivalent of alfalfa. So what's not to like?! When I started teaching cows to eat weeds, I thought everyone would see what I saw:  an economical alternative for weed management. Still, just because that’s what I see, doesn’t mean it’s obvious to everyone. I could even be wrong! So, I consulted some economists and I asked ranchers I’d worked with what they thought. Then I put it all together in a video. You can watch the video, or read below for a summary of what my consultants and ranchers told me. Increase Grazeable Acreage By As Much as 43% Economist John Morley noted that weed management is a huge problem. For example the state of

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