How Many Animals Can Your Pasture Support?

Since we're talking grazing charts and planning this week, here's a critical step: figuring how many animals your land will support. We'll walk through the process with our "Grazier Guy," brought to us by our own Grass Whisperer, Troy Bishopp. Think of your pastures as feed inventory - like a barn full of hay. No hay in the barn, No options. If you overstock your pastures, like the fellow below, Our Grazier Guy knows that we can do better than this. He's seen that management can make a lot of difference Step 1: How much feed do animals need? Here is a form that I use every day and with all kinds of farmers and ranchers. To download the form shown below, click here. Yes, animals will eat more or less than 3% of their bodyweight and yes your land will produce more or less depending on your fertility levels, management, weather and a myriad of factors but we have to get baseline knowledge, especially if you’re a new farmer. Step 2: How does my soil type affect forage quantity? The next part of the form lets you use your soils information as a way to figure out how your soil types will affect forage production. Since this form was originally developed for the New York area, you're seeing information for that climate and soils type. If you're somewhere else, a great place to find out about your soils and what they can produce is the Natural Resources Conservation Services "Web Soil Survey" online tool to find out your soil types and get esti

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