Get Your Free 2021 Grazing Planning Chart and Instructions Here!

It's that time of year again! Grass Whisperer Troy Bishopp has updated the grazing charts and they're ready for you to download. Troy developed these grazing charts together while working with a group of farmers and graziers. They looked at examples from noted, successful graziers like Jim Gerrish and Greg Judy. They talked about their challenges, like figuring out how to rotate livestock to make the most of their forage, and what to do when drought hit during grazing season. They considered the stresses that we all face balancing our work lives and time for fun with their friends and family, while still making money. The result was these grazing charts - set up for operations both large and small - and every year, Troy updates them and shares them so that other graziers can improve their operations Troy has been updating these grazing charts and doing show and tell presentations on this topic for 9 years now. Why does he do it?  As Troy says in this week's article from the On Pasture Library: "Because the grazing chart works! "I believe in using the tool as an extension of my senses and observation ability. It forces me into the immersion of “what if” scenarios and managing proactively toward tangible goals. It helps me to balance feed inventory. It reduces stress on my ecosystem and me. IT MAKES ME MONEY!" What Can a Grazing Chart Do For You? 1) Get you through weather caused issues Troy has successfully used his grazing chart and its holistic fo

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  1. Thanks Kathy for championing this effort. The continued challenge is for folks to actually measure, monitor and use these tools to effectively find farm and life balance. Let’s all start out better this grazing season with the right kind of ethic. Thanks, and don’t forget to share your stories about how grazing planning works for you. GW

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