Providing Good Forage for Calving Season and Year Round Grazing

It's always helpful to hear from fellow graziers about why they do what they do, especially when it comes to discussions of why and how changes they've made have improved their profitability and reduced their stress. That's what you'll find in this 6:46 video. It's part of a series from the South Dakota Grassland Coalition featuring interviews with ranchers who have discovered the benefits of matching calving to their ranch resources. In this episode, ranchers were asked to talk about their forage and livestock and how they manage to provide the right quality and quantity at different times of the year to meet the needs of calves and cows. I've transcribed the video below, and added some headlines to target specific topics so you can more easily zero in on the great ideas they're sharing. Enjoy! Transcript: Luke Perman: I'm way more focused on the grass than the livestock. Livestock got to fit the resource in my mind. This rancher provides pheasant hunting leases. The plots he plants for good pheasant habitat turn into good feed for May calving cows. Gene Holt: With the pheasant hunting thing, and the way we're structuring our production cycle and what not we see them kind of fit together pretty seamlessly. The plots that we plant for birds we can use and graze with the cows late winter. So they'll provide for the bird but it's also providing for our cow herd. So it helps drive that cost down of planting that plot. And an

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