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December’s Reading List

The first three articles in this week’s collection come from my favorite grazing philosophers. Each is a different take on thinking about and managing for the systems we live in. But all of them come down to one thing: Love. It’s the love of living things, and the love of those who came before us and will come after us. It’s love for our differences and how those differences help us look at things in new and helpful ways. It seems appropriate for the Holiday Season.

The Dead Toad Frog

The Long View: Thinking About Forever

What is the True Meaning of Grazing?

Still Shopping?

Here’s a little research on using money to buy happiness. And you all know how I love research!

But if this isn’t helpful, check out the OP Grazier’s Bookshelf or On Pasture ebooks for ideas. Or, head over to Tom Krawiec’s website and check out his book. I highly recommend it.

How to Buy Happiness

A Holiday Laugh

It’s the Holiday Can Can!

Want More?

Each of these authors also has a lot of valuable grazing information to share. So if you’d like to read more from, just click on their name below the article’s title and you’ll be taken to a full listing of everything they’ve written for On Pasture. There are LOTS of articles there! 🙂

Weekly Emails on Pause for the Rest of 2022

Some of my favorite people in all the world are coming to visit for the Holidays. (I say Holidays because we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.) So I’m going to be spending time with them. I’ll start up again in the New Year with some timely advice about figuring out where you’re headed and how to get there. If you’re not getting the Tuesday morning emails and would like to, here’s a link to subscribe.

Love and peace to you all! Thank you for reading!


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