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Prepping for Grazing Season Part 3 – Could Stockers Be a Profitable Option for You?


This week we have a three part series from Blake Allen who runs stockers in North Carolina. Even if you’re not considering making the move to stockers, this series will give you something to think about for increasing profitability. As Blake says, “This enterprise can be a sideline to a cow/calf operation, a seasonal enterprise in years with more than normal grass, or just something new for folks to consider. For others, just running cows may be the best option.”

Why Stockers?

Profit and flexibility says it all. Now he doesn’t have to manage cattle through the winter, and he’s making more money from his pastures.

Why I Made the Switch to Stockers – Profit and Flexibility

Things to Think About Before Making the Switch

Planning for a Stocker Operation – Homework To Do If You’re Considering This Option

The Nuts and Bolts of Profit With Stockers

In this article Blake explains how to make the business work, describing margins, inventory value and cash flow and turn over. He does a really good job of taking some challenging concepts understandable.

Making the Business of Backgrounding Work For You

Prepping for Calving/Kidding/Lambing

That season is coming up. Here are some reminders for getting ready along with a link to an article about how you can get your livestock to give birth during daylight hours.

Prepping for Calving Season

And a funny!

Man Finds Fabulous Giant Crystal

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