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Is Compost Tea a Good Way to Add Nutrients and Microbes to Soil?

Last week's article on the results of on-farm research about the value of compost tea raised some questions from readers. To answer them, I've...

Is Compost Tea Good for Soil Health?

This article is a condensed version of a series of a two article series from January of 2016. (Here is Part 1 and Part...

Does Compost Tea Improve Pasture? Part 2

After a thorough investigation, these farmers aren't sold on using compost tea for pasture improvement.

Does Compost Tea Improve Pasture?

You may have heard of compost tea and theories that it can be used to improve pastures. With little research done on its benefits, one group of Indiana farmers decided to do their own tests to see if this treatment was as good as its claims.

How to Spread Compost as a Climate Change Solution in Your Community

Last week I introduced you to a practice that increases forage and soil's water-holding capacity while also doing a great job of sequestering carbon....

For More Forage, Improved Soil and a Better Future Just Spread Compost

Earlier this summer I wrote about adapting to new climate normals and what warmer temperatures, longer droughts and more extreme weather events mean for...

Veterans Homestead Project Helps Vets Dealing With PTSD

Combat veterans returning from multiple deployments often find themselves withdrawing from civilian life and questioning even the very purpose of being alive. I am...

Compost Powered Heat: A New And Proven Form of Renewable Energy

If you've got livestock, you've got manure and other compostables. Here's another way to take advantage of this great resource.

Just add compost: How to turn your grassland ranch into a carbon sink

Here's the scoop. John Wick and his wife Peggy Rathmann, the owners of Nicasio Native Grass Ranch, and the folks behind this study, are Kathy's good friends. She met them when they invited her to California to teach their cattle to eat weeds and she's so excited about the work they're doing to make the world a better place!

Five + Five Things You Can Do For Healthy Soils

On Pasture readers are always thinking about their part in creating healthy soils. To help, I shared a 5-week series on the principles of...

Fertility Matters

Since soil fertility is a hot topic, this week we've got three articles to help you out. First, we take a look at the...

World Soil Day

December 5 is World Soil Day. And there are SO MANY WAYS to celebrate!

About On Pasture

Dear On Pasture Friends, I was inspired to create On Pasture by a very uninspiring speech. A scientist was describing the results of his research...

Get Your 2024 FREE Grazing Charts Here (with some instructions)

It's that time of year again when we post links to this year's FREE grazing charts. They come to us courtesy of Troy Bishopp....

Your 2023 Grazing Charts from Troy Bishopp – Choose a chart, make a plan, and get a life!

On Pasture's purpose has always been the same: to help you develop a grazing business based on a vision and goals that ensure a...

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