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What Is Manure Doing For Your Soil?

Would you like to reduce runoff and soil erosion? Would you benefit from soils that absorb more water, making your pastures more resilient to...

Don’t Burn Down the Barn or Make Your Stock Sick – What to Do With Wet/Moldy Hay

In many parts of the country, this year's weather was not particularly friendly for putting up hay. With lots of rain throughout the summer,...

Tips for Squeezing Every Drop of Profit From Your Small Ruminant Herd

There used to be a time when keeping a respectable flock of sheep or herd of goats offered an acceptable return by simply sending ...

How Farmers and Ranchers Are Going to Save the Planet – Part 1

In this video, you'll meet my good friend, John Wick and you'll learn about an amazing discovery made on his ranch. It's a discovery...

Get Your FREE 2019 Grazing Chart and Get Your Grazing Season Off On the Right Foot

You've heard this Chinese proverb, right? It's the same with getting started planning your grazing. If you haven't already started using a chart or some...

The New Grazing Charts Are Here :-)The New Grazing Charts Are Here!

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Troy sends out his grazing charts so we can prepare for the upcoming grazing season!

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeships Are Great for Beginning and Established Farmers

For centuries, skilled trades have used apprenticeships to train the next generation and ensure that everyone meets standards that are good for the trade...

Why Don’t Farmers and Ranchers Get Paid Well For the Food They Produce?

Jack gives a history of how we got to where we are and offers a solution for at least one area of the country. It's not the only answer. What's yours?

Which Pastures Should You Work on Improving When You Have Limited Resources?

You might feel like that high-scoring pasture is your top performer, so you should give it what it needs, like you would any diva. But your biggest payback will be in helping the under-performing pasture that has potential, but is lagging because it's deficient in nutrients, organic matter, or pH.

Gardening With Grandpa

My Grandfather had a tradition of keeping every fish that we caught.  From the water and into a five gallon bucket we would take...

Two Soil Improvement Practices – Should You Spend Your Money?

Asking the right questions can save you time and money. Here we demonstrate how we asked questions about Keyline Plowing and Soil Balancing to decide if those practices work for farmers and ranchers.

Some Thoughts On Keeping Chickens

I don’t claim to know all there is about keeping birds. Heck, I don’t claim to know anything at all. This is a post...

Got Cactus? Cut Your Winter Feed Bill In Half!

Too much cactus doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's a nutritious forage, and prepared correctly, your cows can eat it, helping you get pastures back into shape and a step closer to healthier livestock. With a big El Niño, this year could be perfect for getting started.

Swine Time

Here's a quick look at a low-cost way to start with pigs, along with a great resource for learning more about making money with whatever livestock you raise.


Troy has some great ideas and experience dealing with pesky knapweed. By the end of the article you might be thinking of it as an excellent forage too!

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