March 22, 2021

Modern Methods Part 2 – Managing Where Livestock Graze

A few weeks ago we introduced Robert E. Williams and Part 1 of his article in the Journal of Range Management about best grazing management practices. Though “Modern Methods of Getting Uniform Use of Ranges” was written 68 years ago, the principles he includes still hold true today. In fact, much of what he writes […]

March 1, 2021

Free Grazing 101 ebook and online courses coming soon!

This spring, beginning graziers will have a new, free resource to help them get started on the right foot. The National Grazing Lands Coalition, On Pasture and Yvette Gibson are working together to bring you an ebook and two online courses. Online Course Yvette Gibson is a pioneer in teaching field-based science online, and has […]

February 22, 2021

Baby jumping spiders suckle milk from their moms

No, I don’t expect we’ll be milking spiders in the future. But it’s fun to I learn something new and surprising about life on this planet!

February 8, 2021

A Writer’s Ripening – and answers to a conservation planning survey

Writers are a funny lot. We’re driven to put thoughts down on paper and we each develop our own techniques for inviting in the muse and then working with her. Troy Bishopp is at his desk in the middle of the night – ripening, and answering questions, whether it’s a conservation planning feedback survey, or the question of how he even writes at 4 am. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing his process, and take a moment to think about his answers to the survey.

January 25, 2021

Is Increased Production Worth the Cost of the Fertilizer?

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a pasture walk for a group of University students, young people who wanted to chat about plants, animals, grazing, fencing, water…in other words, all the things I am constantly talking about. Our conversation included bits of philosophy too, and some thoughts about the direction of our industry. Somewhere […]

January 11, 2021

Working Cows Podcast With Clay Conry, Kathy Voth and Tip Hudson

Have you ever wanted to see behind the scenes of the publications or podcasts that you listen to? Well here’s your chance! Back in November of 2020, I spent an hour with Clay Conry and Tip Hudson talking about the work we do to provide information and support to the grazing community. Clay is the […]

December 21, 2020

Thoughts and Lessons From Decades of Farming

I met Don and Betty Ashford in September of 2014 when I went to Louisiana to talk about how to train cows to eat weeds. Betty made Monkey Bread for me, I fed her and all the pasture walk participants cricket brownies and fried larvae, and the cows learned to eat horse nettle, teaweed/prickly sida, […]

December 14, 2020

You Never Know How Things Will Work Out – But They Usually Do

These stories from Don Ashford remind us all that life is a winding road, and as the scenery changes, we change with it. It’s a good reminder that resilience lives in us, helping us move on and keep going. Karen, our daughter, was born in Sept. of 1959 and we moved to the Dixon place […]

November 30, 2020

30 Years of Experiments Predict Crop Response to Rising Atmospheric Carbon

This research covers implications for the pasture “crops” we raise to feed our livestock.

November 16, 2020

Engineered Soil Pulls Moisture From Air to Water Plants

Thanks to the University of Texas at Austin for this article. A new type of soil created by engineers at The University of Texas at Austin can pull water from the air and distribute it to plants, potentially expanding the map of farmable land around the globe to previously inhospitable places and reducing water use […]

November 2, 2020 for Grazing? These Exchanges Match Graziers and Folks Who Need Them

There are lots of reasons for adding livestock to landscapes. Grazing crop residue and cover crops is a low-cost way to recycle nutrients back into the soil and increase crop production. It’s also an easy way to reduce residue for more successful no-till seeding. Land managers can use livestock to manage weeds, improve water quality, […]

October 19, 2020

Build Your “Room” for Success

A year ago I listened to an interview with author David Weinberger on CBC radio. The host was asking questions about Weinberger’s book ‘Too Big To Know.’ Weinberger posed the question, “Who is the smartest person in the room?” His answer….the room! In the book, the author talked about how the internet and our access […]

October 5, 2020

Getting Paid For Good Grazing: The Carbon Market of the Future

Oregon Forage and Grassland Council’s free Zoom series “Lunch With Forages” kicked off last week with a look at a potential new revenue stream for graziers: trading good grazing practices for cash. Debbie Reed, the Executive Director of Ecosystem Services Marketing Consortium, was the featured speaker and she described the carbon market and making it […]

September 21, 2020

The Time I Almost Died On My Tractor…Mom Please Skip This One.

I was sitting here thinking about how I’m glad I don’t wear my mistakes on my person. Like many of my farming kin, I have done some really thoughtless things on the farm. It seems that the end of a long day, under the sun, with deadlines looming, animals needing to be fed, and bills […]

September 7, 2020

Managing Vegetation in Solar Arrays With Sheep

Last spring we shared a series of stories from the American Solar Grazing Association on the increase in solar developments, and how sheep grazing is becoming an important part of managing vegetation so solar panels work most effectively. The first in the series described the opportunities and potential income for sheep graziers. In Part 2, […]

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