Evaluating Apprenticeship Applications & Conducting Effective Interviews

This our third in the series to help you find and work with apprentices and interns. Last week, we talked about how to be clear about what kind of opportunity you have to offer, and the kind of person you’d like to work with. Now, let’s talk about evaluating applications and conducting effective interviews. Go Into It With a Plan Evaluating applications and conducting interviews serves two purposes: You’re trying to assess each of the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as to determine whether what you offer is a good fit for them. Think of the time that you put into designing a thorough and selective application process as an investment. It will help you find someone who is set up for success on your operation, and help prevent you from realizing three weeks into your season that the person you hired isn’t a good fit. Plan on at least four to six weeks to launch, advertise, and receive applications (people need to see the job posting, and then have time to respond to it), and then an additional three to four weeks for the interview and hiring process. All steps should be complete at least one month before you would like to have your apprentice start. Take a look at your monthly ranch calendar to figure out the ideal timing to launch your search and dive into the selection process. Once you’ve identified the ideal date for your apprentice to start, work backwards from there. How to Sort Through Applications Before you start reviewing applicati

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