Writing an Accurate Apprenticeship Description & Promoting Your Opportunity

Last week, we talked about the questions to ask yourself when thinking about taking on an apprentice or intern. Now, let's look at how to be clear about what kind of opportunity you have to offer, and the kind of person you'd like to work with. Describe your opportunity Apprenticeships come in all shapes, sizes, and intensities, and you want to make sure that candidates have a good understanding of what they’re applying for. Your description should be both appealing and realistic about the ups and downs of ranching and farming. Writing out a description that covers the following topics is a good way to clarify things for yourself and for your future apprentice: Your Operation • What do you produce? • Where are you located? Describe your region and ecosystem. • When did you start your ranch, farm, or operation, and how has it evolved over time? • What are your main areas of focus and agricultural expertise? • How does your operation fit into local and regional communities? • Who is your customer base? Your Philosophy, Mission, and Values Making your priorities clear from the start will help ensure that you find an apprentice who is willing to work within the environment, expectations, and priorities that you’ve defined. • How would you describe your land management and/or animal management style? • What are your top three to five values at your operation? • How do you take ecological considerations into account in your operational str

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