To Graze With Horses Is To Think Out of the Box

Pasture management for horses is hard. Horses are picky eaters, and each one has different needs. Some horses get fat on air and some require much more to maintain condition. How you manage your pasture for your horse depends on your budget, your land base and you. From improving grazing for more forage and lower feed bills to renovating an area for year-round turnout, investments in your pasture can pay back in environmental benefits enjoyed by you and your horse. Grazing The size of a pasture required to meet dietary needs is often at odds with the exercise needs for the horse. The amount of forage needed to support a typical horse is only 10-20 lbs of dry matter per day. For a two to three day period, enough forage is available on a “postage-stamp” sized area, less than 1/10th of an acre on a healthy pasture. Most horses – and their owners – want to have enough outdoor area for the horses to have a good frolic. However, increasing the grazing period beyond three days to increase paddock size and available forage isn’t the best answer. That’s because after three days, grazed plants begin to regrow.  Your horses aren’t standing around pondering the state of world events or the economy. Rather, they are consumed with the tasty things to eat and where they are. The moment a delicious morsel of forage pops up, they will be on it, giving the plant an added ch

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One thought on “To Graze With Horses Is To Think Out of the Box

  1. Fantastic & much needed initiative, thank you for this resource! Look forward to keeping my eyes open for horse related articles, to better aid my clients in providing a more species-appropriate, sustainable diet and management system.

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