I brought my canvas tote to the market. Who cares?

Here's a sentence I never thought possible: There's an interesting book out about the relationship between climate change, economics and policy.  It's  But Will the Planet Notice? How Smart Economics Can Save the World  by Gurnot Wagner and it looks at what it's really going to take to make the planet notice our efforts to save it according to an economist. Wagner discovers that, even though he uses a canvas tote ("smugly," he admits), doesn't drive, and has no AC in his one bedroom NYC apartment, the impact of his choices is negligible in the face of 7 billion people's carbon emissions. Likewise, even though I'm going to keep on recycling and I'll walk when I don't have to drive, doing this isn't going to save the world. What will it take to make the planet notice? Wagner asked that question, and then he answered it. Nope, the planet won't notice your your personal efforts to save it. And how can Economics save the world?  Short answer: we need international agreement and cap and trade policies, and we need to really pay for the resources we use. Wagner explains the need for policy shifts, and how policy works and doesn't work. It takes a lot to make complex ideas simple, and that's what he did.  He explains how economics has to be a part of a global solution to climate change, giving examples ranging from lobsters to lightbulbs. Wagner explores the critic

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