The Progressing Farmer Buys a Farm Part 2: Getting Your Head Right

In Part 1 of this series, Jenn Colby described her drive to farm, how hard she worked to make a go of it on a tight budget, the business plan that told her, don’t quit your day job and maybe get a better paying job so you can afford your farming dream, and how that led her to grad school AND 4 foundation ewes for the farm she dreamed of. In Part 2 she describes how thinking about things in a new way helped her and her husband get together on the farm dream to move forward. The benefit of doing graduate school part time over many years is that you have the chance to read and absorb and reflect, and test in real life, the things that you’ve been reading about.  As it happened, it was in the latter part of my five years, deep into writing my thesis, when I came across two books that changed my life by changing my thinking.  When your thinking is different, you make different choices, which lead you down different paths, and to new places. These two books aren’t a prescription for the end-all, be-all right books for everyone.  They weren’t even farming books.  My thesis topic focused on measuring success, satisfaction and net profit in Vermont grass-based livestock farmers, so I was investigating what contributed to helping people be successful.  The first was Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  In Outliers, Gladwell touched on the importance of gaining exp

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