2 thoughts on “Keys for Successful Corn Stalk/Corn Residue Grazing

  1. I grazed corn stalks/stover for first time last year, I wondered for most of first 2 weeks, giving new area each day, then all of lye sudden the cows figured it out. They visibly increased the amount of leaves and husks they were eating, more exciting was to see them searching row by row for dropped ears. They advanced across the field like across a fresh pasture as I moved the poly wire, and stayed out until late December when it was wet enough to bring them off. Like winter grazing a back wire was not needed.

  2. What was old, is new. I cannot remember the agronomist who said that, but she was on point. Post harvest grazing was common around the world. It wipes out a lot of weeds, crushes insect pests weathering winter in stalks, and fertilizes fields. Follow with hogs and forget bindweed and other problems. Rye and clover, as well as other covers follow the hogs and you’re set to stop erosion and create a very soft soil for tilling, or more graze, or a heavy mulch if no-till.

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