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Remembering Chip Hines

I recently learned that Arlen Chip Hines passed away last fall after a battle with Parkinson's disease. And while this comes some months late,...

The Right Cow Makes You Money

In this piece, which is also a chapter from his book "How Did We Get It So Wrong?", Chip Hines talks about how working with nature can be easier and more profitable.  In fact, maybe the hardest thing is the abuse you might get from your buddies at the coffee shop.

Intelligent Groups Make Innovations Easier

A friend of Kathy's once told her "You become like the people you spend the most time with. So think about who you want to be, and choose people that are like that." It works for all kinds of things, including being innovative and forward thinking, as Chip Hines explains in this article. You can use his tips to set up your own "Innovation Support Group."

The Coming Revolution

What will cover crops do for us? Here are some thoughts from Chip Hines

Stress Less Weaning

Here's a tried and true method from Chip Hines that will save you time and money. It's low stress for the cattle AND YOU! (And just because he talks about cattle, doesn't mean the principles won't work for other livestock as well.)

Left Handed Logic – Figuring per Calf Costs

In this excerpt from his book "Time to Change" Colorado Rancher Chip Hines shows how shifting per cow costs to your saleable animals gives you a whole new look at how to cover costs and make profits.

Building a Mentor Team for Success

This week I've got some articles to help you develop a team of advisors. These three authors all attribute their success to surrounding themselves...

Are You a Grazier Suffering From Iron Disease?

This week marks one year since Chip Hines passed away. He provided us with so much great information and advice, so I wanted to...

Practical Advice For Growing a Parasite Resistant Herd

Some time back, I wrote about grazing management to reduce parasites, and in particular liver flukes. These modest management changes appears to be a...

Farm Data: A Little Can go a Long Way to Making Good Decisions

  We all know that the explosion of big data retention and analysis is affecting our daily lives, but can your farm data help you...

This Ranch’s Grazing Management Improves Soil and Vegetation

The Bench Ranch has been using intensive, rotational grazing for at least 35 years and they have seen a change that includes more grass, healthy soils, and double the stocking rate the ranch used to carry. We add ideas for how you can follow in the ranch's footsteps.

Reduce Your Feed Costs This Winter With These Tips for Extending Your Grazing Season

Winter feeding accounts for 40+% of the cost of producing a calf, so reducing or eliminating this bad habit can help keep your ranch...

Twelve Steps to Amazing Grazing – Part 1

This article comes to us from Matt Poore and Johnny Rogers. Amazing Grazing, in addition to being something we all aspire to, is...

The Grazier’s Vow

On Oct. 3, 2016 an article I wrote entitled Stupid Is As Stupid Does was published on the On Pasture web site. This was...

Grazier’s Book Recommendations

The icy hand of winter grasped my little valley just after Thanksgiving. After a fabulous grass-growing fall, the dark curtain fell, which meant I...

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