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How to Hand Raise Goat Kids

I first published this story in November of 2017. It's full of great lessons about caring for young animals and for those faced with...

Goat Kidding Tips – And an Idea for Timing Births That Works No Matter What You Raise

Back in 1998, when I was two years into my research project looking at the best ways to manage goats to build firebreaks and...

How to Make Lambing, Kidding and Calving Happen During Daylight Hours

Our March article on calving on grass talked about the monetary, health and stress reduction benefits of ranchers discovered. Here's another way to improve...

Goat Health Handbook – Free Download

As a novice goatherd, this handbook saved my bacon a number of times. It helped me diagnose the first case I'd ever seen of...

Hacks That Make and Save Money – The Dog-Goat Tractor and More

Self-sufficiency is on the minds of many folks these days. Victory gardens and chicken tractors were/are in the toolboxes of many families looking to...

Feeding Colostrum and Colostrum Replacers to Newborn Calves, Lambs and Kids

Colostrum is that "liquid gold" that gets newborn babies off to a good start. Colostrum is the first milk that a cow, ewe or...

Polioencephalomalacia – A Danger for Young Goats, Sheep and Cattle

In 2002, I was raising 60 baby goats by hand. We started them in a barn, and by Spring had transferred them to pasture...

Kidding and Lambing Tips For First Timers and Old Hands

We've got you covered with a short how-to video on kidding, some solutions for keeping kids and lambs warm and saving hypothermic lambs, and a resource for taking the next steps to low input lambing and kidding.

Considering Raising Meat Goats? Here’s What the Market Looks Like

Thanks to Steve Bryns, Texas A&M Agrilife, for this article. Researchers at Texas A&M just finished a  six-year study proving what many of their West...

Someone Brought Their Kid to the Store

Do you think this kid begs for candy at the check out? Save

Dealing with Coccidiosis in Sheep, Goats, and Calves

One of the pleasures of spring is watching young animals at play. Healthy, vigorous young lambs, kids, and calves race and spring into the...

Have Goat, Will Travel (And Make Money Too!)

In this excerpt from her book "Farms With A Future" Rebecca shares the story of a start-up farmer who created success by taking his product to the people.

Body Condition Scoring For Goats

Every goat producer is trying for the "Goldilocks Goat," the animal that is not too thin and not too fat, but just right. Here's a video and a great fact sheet with pictures that will help you make that happen.

Are You Kidding?

Here's a Kickstarter project your On Pasture editors are interested in, so we thought we'd share it with you too.  "Are You Kidding" is...

Caring for Young Animals in Trouble – Resuscitation and Tube Feeding

While these videos and information focus on care of newborn calves, it's helpful no matter what livestock you're raising. As an example, the old...

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