April 6, 2015

Phosphorus, Your Fields and Pastures, and Water Quality Protection

The results of studies in Vermont can help us keep our water clean while we raise good food for our community.

September 8, 2014

Managing Grazing to Improve Stream Corridors Part II

In Part I of this series, we looked at a variety of ways to create paddocks so that we could water livestock from streams while at the same time managing them to improve stream corridors.  But in some cases, using streams as a water source can lead to damage, or can prevent livestock from grazing […]

September 1, 2014

Managed Grazing Can Improve Stream Corridors

Exclusion of livestock from streams doesn’t always result in better conditions for fisheries and wildlife or prevent negative impacts to the environment. Here’s how livestock and animal impact can be used as needed to maintain healthy streams and riparian corridors.

July 14, 2014

Using the Sun to Get Your Water – Easy Installation Ideas

It’s mid-summer, it’s hot, and that sun is bearing down on you.  So why not turn all that energy into a way to keep your stock watered while reducing your work load?  

February 17, 2014

Need a New Watering System?

Getting water to livestock in pasture can be a challenge and farmers and ranchers have come up with all kinds of systems to get the job done.  Since two (or more) heads are better than one, we thought we’d share some solutions from your fellow graziers over the next few months.  Please feel free to […]

September 9, 2013

Out-Sourcing/Non-Sourcing Farm and Ranch Visits

The committees responsible for deciding how the budget is divided to assist farmers and ranchers are meeting now and they’re wondering if you really need on farm/ranch visits or personal assistance from NRCS staffs. What do you think?

July 29, 2013

Nose Pumps: An Animal-Powered Watering Option

Lots of folks use streams, springs and ponds to water livestock in pasture.  It can be convenient and easy.  But it’s not always the best for animal health or for preventing bank damage and erosion.  True, alternatives that move animals away from open water can be more expensive in terms of time and money.  But […]

July 15, 2013

Are Cattle Grazing and Clean Water Compatible on Public Lands?

Please enjoy another dry story about water, where we tell you science-y stuff and that the answer is, once again, it depends. Don’t forget to enjoy the song included in the piece.

April 22, 2013

Livestock Exclusion 2: Following the water

In “Riparian Regulations Threaten Livestock” we describe how new riparian regulations were threatening livestock grazing in Maryland, providing an example from one grazier trying to find ways to cope with the new rules. The theory behind keeping animals out of streams and waterways is simple: to improve water quality. But that simple goal may not […]

March 19, 2013

Riparian Regulations Threaten Livestock

Livestock exclusion. These two simple words have the power to make grown men and women quake. They are also words that are coming up more and more often in conjunction with livestock grazing in pastures and on rangelands where animals have access to streams and ponds. In this first of a series, we explore impacts of regulation on private land grazing.

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