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Reader Question – How Do You Manage Fence Line Vegetation?

Another On Pasture reader has a question and we need your help! How do you manage the vegetation under and around your permanent fence lines...

Winter Grazing Through Extreme Cold and Deep Snow

One of the biggest challenges farmers and ranchers face is feeding their livestock through winter. It can be costly and time consuming. But as...

Frosty the Snowman: Friend or Foe

Is winter good or bad for farmers and ranchers?

Meet Kathy Voth, Your On Pasture Editor

We thought you might like to know a little more about how On Pasture gets to you every Tuesday. So here you go...

Give Your Soil a Physical

Are you healthy? It is easier to identify an unhealthy person or animal than it is to identify one that is healthy. So it...

Inexpensive Electric Fencing Solutions – Courtesy of Nicaragua

If you can't buy fencing supplies, maybe you can make do with what's laying around the farm. Maybe some of these solutions will get you to thinking about your own fencing supplies.

Help Save This Ranching Family

At the end of the month, the National Park Service at Point Reyes National Seashore will close down Drakes Bay Oyster Farm which has...

When is My Grass Going to Grow?!

Is your spring late or early? Does it seem like some forages aren't springing up like you wish they would? Victor Shelton shares some background on "Growing Degree Days" and their impact on photosynthesis and plant growth.

Setting Up an Intensive Grazing System That Works – Pasture Recovery Periods

Regardless of your irrigation status, you'll find great tips here on improving spring pastures, getting more forage with less nitrogen, adding legumes and preventing and reducing parasite problems.

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