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Warm-Season Grasses That Handle Low pH Soils and Hot, Dry Conditions

Native, perennial warm-season grasses produce well compared to cool-season grasses during the hot and dry weather, on soils with low moisture holding capacity, low pH, and low phosphorus levels.

The Summer Annual Manual

Summer annuals have unique benefits, like filling a small space in the rotation with multiple cuttings of big yields. They also bring some unique...

Beating Heavy Clay and Wet Soils

Here's a whole list of forage species that can help you manage this problem. Genevieve explains how they work for you.

It’s Cold! Time to Seed?

If you're thinking of adding variety to your pasture here's a good question and answer to help you think about timing and technique.

A Fungus in the Cold: When too much fall growth is a bad thing

Matting grasses, extra fall regrowth, and long stretches of snow cover = Snow Mold: a fungus among us.

Small Grains as Forage AND Cover Crops

Small grains like triticale or rye are popular forages right now, but their soil building attributes can be overlooked. Here are a few of our thoughts about the ways they can benefit us just by growing.

Diverse Yet Smart Cover Crop and Forage Mixes: 4 Rules for Perfect Pairings

When you make a mix or interseed one crop in another for a “relay effect”, you’re looking for the most bang for your diversity...

Crabgrass is Good Forage

Improved forage crabgrass varieties are not weeds, but high-quality, high-producing forages that fit well from the Mid-Atlantic region through the Southeast. With good fertility...

Drought Concerns: Milo & forage sorghum as potential alternatives

If you're in one a region suffering from or potentially looking forward to drought, you may alread be looking at potential alternatives for forage production....

Take Stock of Your Pastures Now to Adjust Your Grazing Plan

Using his own pastures as an example, Victor shows how checking what's growing (or not) helps plan for the upcoming grazing season based on the needs of the forage.

Forages and Grazing Management to Extend Your Grazing Season

This is Part 2 from UMN's chapter on Managing Pastures for Year-Long Forage Supplies.

Got Trefoil?

Here's a great forage that you should think about for your pastures, what it can do for you, and how you can manage it best so it can do its job.

Sneaky Pasture Weeds – Sedges and Rushes

Do you have these? Here's how to tell!

Assess Alfalfa and Small Grain Winterkill Now

If your winter was a hard one, no matter where you were on the planet, you'll find this information important for making sure your plants are healthy.

Finding a Cost Effective, Persistent Legume for Pastures

Is there a legume that establishes and yields well, persists in pasture, and is cost-effective for the producer?  That's the question that Jim Munsch,...

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