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Frost Seeding Now For a Better Pasture This Summer

Its a good time of year to get the seeds on the ground so they have enough time to get into the soil and won't be eaten by other critters.

Frost Seeding Red Clover in Hay Fields and Pastures

Sugaring season is here, and that means that it is also time to frost-seed red clover in your pastures and hay fields if you have it in your mind to do it at all. If you are interested in a low-cost method of increasing forage yield and quality in hay fields and pastures, read on….

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Frost-Seeding Legumes

Frost seeding is one of the least expensive ways to enhance the stand of legumes in your pastures. It is basically the process of...

Answers to Reader Alfalfa-Related Questions – Fall Nutrition, Varieties, and Reseeding

Here's an article answering alfalfa-related reader questions. The answers come to us from Genevieve Slocum and David Hunsberger of King's Agriseeds. Question: My cows and calves...

Thinking of Seeding Your Pastures?

By this time of year, any seeding of forages would be considered a dormant seeding. Seeds planted now will lay there until the right...

Frosty the Snowman: Friend or Foe

Is winter good or bad for farmers and ranchers?

Assess Alfalfa, Winter Cereal and Grass Stands for Reseeding Decisions

The snow has now receded and soils are beginning to warm enough to green up most hay fields and pastures, and it’s time to...

Alfalfa or Clover? Adding Quality Forage to Your Pasture

Reader Question: Is it possible to overseed alfalfa into existing permanent pasture? We have clover that is coming in but alfalfa greens up faster in...

Tips for Adding Soil Fertility While Weathering High Fertilizer Prices

One of the bigger challenges for this season is going to be fertilizer costs. If you have “stockpiled” some soil fertility in your pastures...

Winter Grazing to Protect Soils

This month's Grazier's Focus is on managing our winter grazing to future forage. Victor Shelton adds to this by reminding us what to do...

Stockpiling to Extend the Grazing Season

Stockpiling is a practice graziers use to reduce winter feed costs and increase profitability. It's nothing more than setting aside some of your pastures...

Extend Your Grazing Season By Stockpiling Forage – Part 1

There are two different ways to feed your livestock with stockpiled forage over the winter. One way is to make hay or silage and...

How Short and How Often Should You Graze Your Grass?

This comes to us from the U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center of the USDA Agricultural Research Service. While their purpose was to provide information...

How to Establish and Manage Red Clover

With the discoveries that red clover can increase weight gain and prevent fescue toxicosis, we thought you'd like some info on how to add...

Snow Retention Pasture Walk

You can learn a lot about keeping moisture in your soils by taking a little winter walk. Here's what Troy learned about the hedgerows and structures that keep his pastures healthy.

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