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Lessons Learned From a Year of Grazing Management

This is a good time of year for reflecting on what went well and what you might like to do differently next year. Though...

Dairy Cows Head to Pasture for the First Time on Providence Farm

Vermont's Providence Dairy is transitioning from a tie-stall barn to pasture-based dairying. Here are some of the challenges the Connors faced this first spring and how they've solved them.

Setting Up Fences and Water for Dairy Grazing – With a Little Help From Some Grants

In December we introduced you to Jonathan and Maryann Connor, owners of Providence Dairy in Addison, Vermont who are making the move to pasture-based...

Is It Too Late to Plant?

Maybe you wanted to plant, but time got away from you. Here's how to tell if you still have a shot at planting, or if you need to wait for the next planting window.

Cow Pies and Apple Pies

Our insect pollinators are in peril, and we can all play a part in helping them out. As Nancy's husband, John, says, “No pollinators, no apples, no pie.” We're betting you love apple pie, and as graziers you're in a perfect place to promote healthy pollinator populations. Here's how.

How To Feed 9 Billion People With Healthy Soil: 7 Simple Steps!

We talked with fellow soil enthusiasts Ray Archuleta and Jeff Rasawehr, and here's what they have to say.

Addressing concerns about red clover in pasture

There are some questions that have swirled around the ether about planting red clover: are phytoestrogens present and will they cause problems for my animals? Can red clover cause frothy bloat? Why should I plant it? And which varieties? Follow up with Dan Hudson as he addresses these concerns and more, breaking them down one by one.

Get Your 2024 FREE Grazing Charts Here (with some instructions)

It's that time of year again when we post links to this year's FREE grazing charts. They come to us courtesy of Troy Bishopp....

Weaning, Pasture Renovations, and Fall Poisoning Watchouts

We're headed into Fall, so you're probably thinking about some new grazing activities. Some of you may be weaning about now. Here are some thoughts...

Your 2023 Grazing Charts from Troy Bishopp – Choose a chart, make a plan, and get a life!

On Pasture's purpose has always been the same: to help you develop a grazing business based on a vision and goals that ensure a...

A Part-Timer and Proud of It!

Thanks to Curt Gesch for this piece reminding us that we don't have to be full-time farmers/ranchers to be considered critical to our communities....

Get Your Grazing Chart, Make a Plan, and Get a Life!

On Pasture's New Year's Resolution is to help you develop a grazing business based on a vision and goals that ensure a happy, healthy...

Answers to Frequently Asked Winter Grazing Questions

This week, Victor Shelton has answers to the most asked questions for winter graziers. Thanks, Victor! What is the difference between a frost and a...

Ten Steps to Better Pastures and Grazing

As an extension educator at the county level, I read a lot of publications about the use and management of pasture and hay resources....

Utilizing Summer Annuals in Your Grazing System

Thanks go to Ben Beckman, Nebraska Extension Educator, and University of Nebraska-Lincoln's BeefWatch team for this article.   Whether grazed, harvested for hay, or cut for...

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