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From Big to Small to Big to Small: Part 3 of A Pictorial History of Cattle Over the Years

Just like cattlemen couldn't seem to stop making animals smaller and smaller, now they couldn't seem to stop heading the other direction either. Here's what happened in the last half of the twentieth century.

Is It Too Late to Plant?

Maybe you wanted to plant, but time got away from you. Here's how to tell if you still have a shot at planting, or if you need to wait for the next planting window.

New Iowa State research: Human activity affecting microbes in soil

With billions of living things doing their work in the soil, it's no wonder we don't know how our efforts to improve things might be affecting them. To give us a handle on it, researchers are doing some interesting monitoring and while they don't have answers quite yet, they at least have some information to start with.

Low-Stress Livestock Handling’s 12 Steps to Success

Keeping these principles in mind when you're working your livestock will turn you into a great stockman.

Where Do Cowlicks Come From?

The truth is revealed. Be careful how you sleep!

Does Compost Tea Improve Pasture? Part 2

After a thorough investigation, these farmers aren't sold on using compost tea for pasture improvement.

When Is It Too Late to Grow Up To Be a Cowgirl?

When we moved from Loveland, Colorado to Tucson, Arizona I breathed a little sigh of relief as I left behind  the 8 sets of...

A.I. Sires and Online Dating

James Coffelt, owner of Ohio Land and Cattle believes that breeding is simple. “Use the absolute best bulls you can find, and cull the...

Great “Grass Farmers” Grow Roots

If you go to enough workshops about grazing, you're bound to see an illustration that shows how biting off the tops of plants impacts their roots,...

Taste Bud

There are occasions within agriculture where you get to try new things. You may be thinking that I got to run some new piece...

Eat Chocolate to Lose Weight

You know we at On Pasture love science, and we love chocolate too. Here the two meet in a story of why you need to beware of where your information comes from and why you should always ask questions. Don't be hoodwinked into eating more chocolate!

Foiled Again!

If you raise crops followed by cover crops for grazing livestock, or if you're considering turning cropland into pastureland, this is important information for you! Don't let the wrong herbicide keep you from grazing!

Italian and Annual Ryegrasses in Cropping Systems

Let's talk Italian Ryegrass. Why? It's a great forage, and it has all kinds of uses in cropping and pastures. If you're not already considering it, we hope this series will give you some food for thought.

Body Condition Scoring Your Beef Cow Herd

A cow's body condition is a good indicator of how well her calves will do and whether or not she'll breed back. Now is a good time to check in on your cows so you can adjust their feed so they can do their best for you. AND if you're a technology kind of person, there's even an App for that!

Early Weaning – A Good Bet For Producers in Drought-Stricken Areas

Here's something to think about this winter as you're planning for next year's weaning. Who knew that early weaned steers gain better?! That's just one of the things ARS scientists found when they looked at early weaning as an alternative when forage is limited.

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