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Farmer Manages Variety and Builds Resilience Through Soil Health

Thanks to the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition for this article! South Dakota is known for its variety, and Don Nickelson’s operation in Frederick...

Grazing Stockpile in the Snow

As we talk about swath grazing, and grazing stockpiled forage, one of the questions that always comes up is "What happens when it snows?" The...

Grass-Finishing Myths that Reduce Profitability

Note from Kathy: These are just three of the ten grass-finishing myths that will Greg will be covering in the Introductory/Overview session of the...

Harnessing Cow Power to Rejuvenate Forages

Thanks to the Beef Cattle Research Council for this great article! As forage stands age, plant species composition shifts and production declines over time. There...

Here’s the Impact of Fencing and Planning on Grazing Days and Profitability

In November I shared thoughts on the economic importance of stockpiling grass. In that article, I made the case for building internal fence on...

Fall Grazing Management to Benefit Your Forages

One of the greatest temptations in the fall is to “open the gates” and “let the livestock have the run of the pasture”. In...

Happiness is Being in the Herd

Tom has learned that if he teaches his livestock that it's safest to be in the herd, everyone's life becomes much easier and better. Here's how he trains herd behavior.

Feeding Hay to Improve Your Land – Part 5

In case you missed them, here are links for previous articles in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. We have...

Feeding Hay to Improve Your Land – Part 4

Did you miss the start of this series? Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Bale grazing has been increasing in popularity for...

The Economics of Being Earnest About Low Stress Handling

Low-Stress Livestock handling is more than just being kind to your animals and the people working with you. As Tom points out, the money it saves you can be very significant!

Phipps Livestock Uses Grazing to Solve Soil Health, Erosion and Weed Problems

Thanks to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service in Montana for this article and video. Bryan and Chelsea Phipps are using their cattle as tools...

Custom Grazing: Why I Got Out

After five start-up years as a custom grazier, Meg decided to make some changes. Here she talks about why and what her new set up is.

Out of Debt and On To Profit – The Sand Ranch Starts Winter Grazing and Stops Haying

Last week we started a series of articles about Cody and Deanna Sand and how the changes they've made since 2011 have gotten them...

Getting Stuff for (Almost) Free With Non-Traditional Farm Business Ideas – Part 2

Here's Part 2 of Meg's series on non-traditional ways to make a farming/ranching operation successful. Today, she's talking about (almost) free land.

Winter Feeding Made Easy For Young Farmers

American economist and professor at the Harvard Business School, Theodore Levitt, said, “Creativity is thinking up new things; innovation is about doing new things”. ...

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