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How to Raise Chickens Library

Here’s a collection of past poultry articles to get you started. Find even more by clicking on “Livestock” in the menu above and choosing “Poultry” from the drop down menu.

The Basics

Some Thoughts On Keeping Chickens

What Chicken Should I Raise?

How to Get Your Chickens to Make the Best Use of Pasture


Day Range Pastured Poultry – An Alternative to Chicken Tractors

How to Install an Electric Poultry Fence


Chickens Choose Cheap Feed


Now’s the Time to Be on the Lookout for Avian Flu in Your Flock

Cage Free Eggs Are Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be

Money Matters

Small-farm “Egg-onomics”

The Real Cost of Raising Meat Chickens – Year 1

The Cheapest Way to Produce the Best Egg

Planning Egg Production Right

Grow More Chicken – Questions to Ask Before You Go For It

Plan Ahead for Broiler Profits



Growing Our Poultry Operation with Our Own USDA Inspected Processing Plant

Pluck N’ Grit: Getting a Small Poultry Processing Facility Off the Ground

New Resource for Building a Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse

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