Build a Self-Starter Apprentice/Employee With Feedback and Mentoring

Adding an apprentice or intern to your operation is a great way to add energy and new ideas to your operation while providing training to the next generation of graziers. But, like any new practice, there's information to make it easier, and skills we must develop to be successful. For the past 6 weeks, Leah Ricci of the Quivira Coalition has shared what has made the mentors in their New Agrarian Program successful. From questions we should ask ourselves before starting, to writing a job description and getting the word out, to how to evaluate applications to choose the person that best fits your operation, to setting expectations and balancing work and education, with this series, you have the information to start off on the right foot. Big thanks to Leah for this series! And, if you're interested in the Quivira New Agrarian Program, do head over to learn more! With this final article, we learn how to give and receive feedback. Feedback is critical to helping an apprentice learn. It can also be one of the biggest challenges of being a mentor. Here's how to build a culture where feedback is encouraged and even sought out. Why Feedback is Important After apprentices have been on site a month or two it becomes clear how critical it is to give go

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