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Insurance – Don’t Be Without It

Not long ago, On Pasture published an article entitled "Does the Lack of Affordable Health Insurance Threaten Farm and Ranch Viability?" The answer without...

Asking the Right Question – Boosting Sales Part 2

We're selling all the time. It could be a calf, a car, an idea. It could be our experience and knowledge when we're competing...

Does Grazing Sequester Carbon? Part 1

If you’ve heard that grazing is good for the planet because it can sequester more carbon in the soil, you’re not alone. The hypothesis...

Boost Sales Without Being a Pushy Salesman – Part 1

Whether selling a crop, an animal, or competing for a job or pasture lease, selling is part of our success. Here's how to become more comfortable doing it.

Biodiversity Makes Us Stronger and More Resilient

Biodiversity - like having lots of different plants, bugs and wildlife in our pastures, some of which we might not even like - doesn't...

Could You Make Money by Adding a Ewe For Every Cow in Your Herd?

Recent Dickinson Research Extension Center sales caused me to ponder the concept of adding a sheep for every cow. The center sold market cows...

The Progressing Farmer Goes to the Bank…and Another Bank…and Another…

Want to get a loan to buy your farm? Jenn Colby shares what happens in real life when you're working with lenders.

Guardian Dog Success in West Texas on Large Landscapes

Can guardian dogs make a difference against coyotes and other predators, even when both the livestock owner and the dogs are inexperienced? Steve Bryns, Texas A&M AgriLife News editor shares what researchers found, along with resources you can use to get started with dogs.

Herbivores Might Save Coral Reefs

We know that well-managed grazing can help maintain rangelands and wildlife habitat. Turns out grazing is important for coral reef survival too.

BudBoxes vs. Tub Systems: Which is Easier to Use?

Last week Whit busted the myth that distractions cause animals to balk in handling systems.  This week he address which handling systems work best. When...

Sometimes We Say Unpopular Things Because We Want You To Save Money

We started out the first two weeks of 2017 with two articles that we think are especially important. They are a continuation of Whit...

Planning to Weather the Economic Storm

This article comes to us courtesy of What a difference three years can make, in 2013 cattle and crop prices were climbing to record...

Tighty Whities Can Tell You About Your Soil Health

This is a fun experiment you can try with your own pastures and fields. It comes to us from Anthony Bly and Sara Berg...

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know (who can save your barn)

Here's a tip for all of us, and for folks new to agriculture especially. You'll need the right people to be successful.

Soil Color Describes Your Climate

Thanks to Mary Tiedeman of the Soil Science Society of America for this great info! What is the first color that comes to mind when...

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