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Feeding 9 Billion People Starts with Rescuing Produce

Did you know that if the price of Florida tomatoes drops on a certain day, as much as 120,000 pounds of tomatoes heading from Mexico to the United States might be thrown into landfills? Here's how that's being changed in one border town.

Maine Legislature Pays Tribute to Soils – Get Your State To Do the Same!

While Maine may have beat all the other states to the punch, there's still time for YOUR state to get on the band wagon. Here's what happened in Maine, and some tips on how you can make it happen in your state too.

Low Impact Milk

Cashew shells and oregano to reduce the carbon footprint of milk? Really?

Worm Dancing

“He who dances with worms creates topsoil and catches more fish” ~ The Grass Whisperer

We Really DO Eat the Bones!

Have you seen the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial where the guy freaks out because he thinks he ate the bones? Here's Forrest Pritchard's take on how that works at his place.


Troy has some great ideas and experience dealing with pesky knapweed. By the end of the article you might be thinking of it as an excellent forage too!

Celebrating Jack Lazor and His New Book

Jack Lazor is one of those people who talk quietly and yet you can hear every word he says. His words are precious and he has used them to enrich the world around him. His new book "The Organic Grain Grower" is coming August 13. Health issues have postponed the book release party planned for August 4th, so we're celebrating him here, taking a moment to acknowledge the world according to Jack.

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