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Body Condition Scoring Your Beef Cow Herd

A cow's body condition is a good indicator of how well her calves will do and whether or not she'll breed back. Now is a good time to check in on your cows so you can adjust their feed so they can do their best for you. AND if you're a technology kind of person, there's even an App for that!

Early Weaning – A Good Bet For Producers in Drought-Stricken Areas

Here's something to think about this winter as you're planning for next year's weaning. Who knew that early weaned steers gain better?! That's just one of the things ARS scientists found when they looked at early weaning as an alternative when forage is limited.

Right to Farm – Should There Be a Law?

All states have some kind of "right to farm" legislation but only two have amended their constitutions to include this kind of language. The first...

A Cowboy, His Cows, and Grizzly Bears

Managing livestock means more than just dealing with the animals in our herds. It also means taking into account the animals that we live amongst. In some cases, grizzlies, and the humans who are there to protect them.

Getting That Local Food Into Town

This isn't really a how to. It's a how not. Sometimes we need those too. It helps us think about solutions that will work for us all.

Soil Balancing: Does It Work?

Soil balancing, or BCSR, and William Albrecht have a big following, and you'd think that that many people couldn't be wrong. But it turns out, this theory just doesn't hold up and is costing folks time and money they could better use elsewhere.

Got Pigs? Take Precautions Against PEDV Now!

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PEDV) has been found in many states. Here's what you need to know to protect your pigs and profits.

Cattle Without Legs?! Part II – Forage Recovery and Allocation

In Part I, Meg described how breeding for stocky cattle makes sense and dollars. Now she describes the forage part of creating legless cattle and a better bottom line.

Plan Ahead for Broiler Profits

Last week Kathy shared the budget for a backyard broiler operation. Now, here's a budgeting tool for doing it on a larger scale to tell you what kind of profit you might expect from your own operation. Does it pay to do this? Tell us!

Choosing/Finding a Meat Processor

Finding a meat processor that works for you can be a challenge. Here Sandra shares her experiences and some great tips for finding and working with the right shop.

Uruguay Competes For Grass Fed Market

As I was doing research for the article on competition from imported grass-fed beef, I found a very interesting story being told about Uruguayan...

Can Foliar Diseases in Forage Grasses Cause Economic Losses for Livestock Producers?

Recently, I heard a farmer state that mid-summer foliar grass diseases are the most significant problem on on his farm. It's true, these diseases, that are found everywhere, can reduce forage quality and palatability. Here's how to recognize some of them, and what to do to reduce the problem.

Brambly Delicious

There in the thickets, along fencerows and places only deer and black flies are unafraid to tread, they maliciously darn any exposed skin when...

Deer and Cattle Eat Rabbits

Sometimes cows eat rabbits too! Here's a look at some unusual animal eating behavior and why they choose to eat things we wouldn't have imagined for them. If your livestock are eating strange things, you'll learn why here.

Farm Feasibility Analysis Part 2: Spending Money to Make Money

The second part of a complete farm feasibility study is, in a word, money. Before you complete the pasture leasing or buying process, you...

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